Electricity to Tamil Nadu Domestic Consumers Can Be Free

February16, 2015 (C) Ravinder Singh ravinderinvent@gmail.com

Tamil Nadu is already offering Rs.20,000 per KWp Subsidy to Rooftop
Solar that produces 2000 Units* of Electricity Every Year. Capital
cost of Installing I KWp is around Rs.45,000 though as per IREDA
presentation is $1200 or Rs.75,000. There are several ways Electricity
to TN Consumers can be FREE.

1.] If Income Tax Rebate of 100% is allowed on SolarPV at Rs.75,000 or
Rs.25,000 savings per KWp SolarPV with Rs.20,000 State Subsidy is free
from Day1 for 25 yrs.

2.] Since TN had to purchase Electricity at up to Rs.19 per unit in
summer months – assuming TN buys 10,000 MU of Electricity from Grid at
average cost of Rs.10 per unit or Rs.10,000 Crores Power Purchase Cost
Every Year.

Rs.10,000 Crores if provided as Subsidy to Domestic Consumers at
Rs.20,000 per KWp can finance 5000 MWp of Solar Rooftops saving
Exactly 10,000 MU of Electricity a year.

3.]  TN enters in to PPA with Domestic Consumers to Buy 50% of Rooftop
Generation at Rs.5 per unit against Rs.8.5 per unit PPA for recent
Solar Farms – Provide 50% Subsidy or Rs.50,000 for 2 KWp Rooftop –
Domestic Consumers may invest just Rs.40,000 for 2KWp and sell 2000
Units* to TNEB at Rs.5 per unit Earn Rs.10,000 every year and
Consumers also use 2000* Units FREE and SolarPV shall be Free In Three
Years. *25% More With Tracking Rooftops.

4.]  SolarPV rooftop Cost Rs.25,000 per KWp in TN or $400 or $700 w/o
Subsidy – shall save 50 Tones of CO2 over service life – Carbon Credit
of just $8 per ton or $14 per ton Would Be Totally Free.

1. For individual applicant only 1 KWp plants for residential purpose
will be considered for a TamilNadu Government subsidy of Rs. 20,000/-
per kWp.

TN Should SIMPLIFY Net Metering Procedures – Buy All Surplus Day Time
Power at Rs.8/U for First Two Years Rooftop Power and Rs.5/U

Ravinder Singh, Inventor & Consultant, INNOVATIVE TECHNOLOGIES AND PROJECTS


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