Budget-2015 Tourism, Railways, Recreation Dams, Duty-Free

February22, 2015 (C) Ravinder Singh ravinderinvent@gmail.com

When Macau earn $27.8b Foreign Tourist Dollars India earns just half
$14.2b [2010] India is also Worst in Tourism like in Patents or
Manufacturing in world.

PICNIC TOURISM – In the absence of Tourism Facilities or Affordability
Foods of Quality Tourists often travel with Cooks and Carry Ration for
the entire journey or carry Home Cooked foods to tourist destinations
and leave behind garbage. Beaches in India are Picnic Spots than
recreation and relaxation sites, people go for Walk & Food. TOURISM

Even Delhi in absence of Dining Rooms Office Workers in Lunch time eat
their foods in public Lawns and Parks.

Tourism in India is Completely Misunderstood – Pack foreigners in
Volvo Buses at 5PM and take them to Kullu & Manali mainly for Cool
Climate Hills & Snow as attractions and back and nothing much has
changed since 1969 when I visited Kashmir for 14 days – We used to
leave for important destinations like Gulmurg in the morning and
return in the evening. The 5-6 hour Bus Ride on bumpy highways was
like torture in a Stone Crusher. Mountains, Cold Clean Air & Water
Streams, Pine Trees, Grasses and trekking passages were all the
Tourism Offerings. Walk around and boating in Dal Lake were the
Routine Options for tourists in the evening.

Switzerland has many thousands Hotels, Motels, Cottages, 5500
kilometer of Trains, Trams, Ski Resorts, Dams & Lakes, Sports &
Recreation Facilities Everywhere, Convention Centers, Even Farms and
Food Factories making Cheese or Wines are tourist attractions.

Historical places are Locked at 5PM, there are no Clubs or Sports
facilities forget Casinos in Delhi the capital city. Even Five Star
Hotels offer just Swimming Pools, Gym and Meeting and Conference
facilities – have more parking space than playgrounds. Foods and
Drinks are very Expensive in Hotels cost more than room rent. A can of
Beer cost over $1 minimum to over $2.5 at retail shops more than
Bottle of Wine or Whisky, which cost like Soft Drinks in Top Tourist
countries. When water quality in India is poor should have cheap Soft
Drinks, Juices and Beer.

There are no Public Transport for Tourists in national capital like
Trams when roads are considered unsafe at night – Five Stars Hotels
neglect tourists didn’t provide Hotel to Metro Connecting Service
which is exclusive to India may be because our regulations don’t
insist on providing connecting service. Even Road Signs are not
Tourist Friendly – In USA all main roads have Numbers and directions
are clear.

Worst     of all Indian Five Star Hotels offers Expensive Foreign Brand
Outlets of Designer Garments or Watches as Shopping Experience than
reasonably priced High Quality Indian Handicrafts.

Trains are lifeline of Tourism in countries like India where roads are
not well developed and safe but unfortunately all trains are Over
Crowded – 90% of Train Coaches are RE-Conditioned Jerky and Stinking.

India boasts of just one Heritage Train forgetting Shan-E-Punjab was
introduced as Special Intercity Express that was Fastest, Had Special
Interiors and Music System playing Gubani, is now slowest Super Fast
Train has 30 years old coaches Reconditioned coaches.
First originating train to Amritsar leaves Delhi at 6:50AM, reach Holy
City at 2:30PM there is no time to visit other attractions after visit
to Golden Temple. Shatabdi Express is slightly fast but departs later
at 7:30AM so time saving is not much advantage but reservation is
difficult all year unless made a week in advance. Petitioning for 20
years to Operate Shatabdi Express to 6AM has not been accepted till

India already has Rail Coach Manufactory Capacity to Produce 12,000
Coaches annually can replace all Old Coaches in 4-5 years with new
Lighter and Faster and Double Deck Coaches including Air-Conditioned
Metro Coaches that can replace Mumbai Suburban Trains and replace
DEMUs and MEMUs wherever passengers can afford Rs.20 for 25 kilometer

More than 20,000 Dams and Lake in India either don’t provide any
Recreation or Few Boats only. Dams & Lake in USA or Switzerland
attract more tourists than all of India.

Tourists in India on way to Hills or some tourist destinations stop on
way and spend some time in the river beds and on rocks. Some are
washed away in flash floods or Dam releases.


1. Railways to ‘Undertake Program to Replace All 10Yr+ Coaches’.

2. Convert all Intercity Trains serving Heritage City in to Heritage
Trains – 10% of Trains to be Heritage Trains promoting Art & Culture
of India.

3. Free 50 Coach Trains for Poor. IR may introduce FREE Trains for
Poor Labor that generally travel in Scheduled Reserved Trains which
may stop on Well Connected locations than Stations.

4. Beer & Wine should cost at par with Cold Drinks and Juices by
eliminating or reducing taxes. Promote PUB culture where people can
meet and play and enjoy drinks.

5.  Promote Budget Five Star Hotels on National Highways or at Storage
Dams on 10 Acres or larger Sites with Recreation Facilities.

6.  Zero Tax on Shops in Hotels Selling Authentic Indian Products.
Duty Free Shopping of Indian Made Handicrafts at all Airports.

7.  GoI to RECOVER Rs.50,00,000 Crores Loaned to Corporate That
Created No Jobs or Economic Gain to Fund TOURISM, FOOD PROCESSING, R&D
to Serve World Market.

8.  GOI to Expeditiously build MULTI-PURPOSE DAMS and All Dams be
converted to Recreation Tourism Purpose also.

9.  GOI should promote 10 Disneyland like Theme Parks in top 10 Bigget Cities.

10.  50 New Tourism Cities in India around Heritage Sites. Punjab
alone may have 6 Tourist Cities. Amritsar, Anandpur Sahib, Kartarpur,
Sarhind, and Tarn Taran.

Ravinder Singh, Inventor & Consultant, INNOVATIVE TECHNOLOGIES AND PROJECTS


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