जंतर मंतर से जमीन वापसी आन्दोलन

भारतीय राष्ट्रीय काँग्रेस दिल्ली के जंतर मंतर से जमीन वापसी आन्दोलन की शुरुआत करेगी ‪#‎WithRG‬

तिथि : 25 फरवरी 2015
समय : दोपहर १२ बजे
स्थान : जंतर मंतर , नयी दिल्ली

"भारतीय राष्ट्रीय काँग्रेस दिल्ली के जंतर मंतर से जमीन वापसी आन्दोलन की शुरुआत करेगी #WithRG</p>
<p>तिथि : 25 फरवरी 2015<br />
समय : दोपहर १२ बजे<br />
स्थान : जंतर मंतर , नयी दिल्ली"
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Russia accuses US of bringing chaos to West Asia

Feb 24

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov has accused the United States of plunging the West Asia into chaos and fuelling the rise of extremists because of its drive to dominate the world. Lavrov levelled the fierce criticism of Washington’s policies at a special UN Security Council debate on maintaining international peace and security. The Russian foreign minister cited the US-led air strikes in Syria, the 2003 invasion of Iraq and the 2011 military intervention in Libya as examples of violations of the fundamental principles of the United Nations. Lavrov told the 15-member council that all of this is the result of attempts to dominate global affairs, to rule over all, everywhere, to use military force unilaterally to push one’s interests.

He said, these have plunged the West Asia and North Africa into instability and chaos, and to a large extent have created a breeding ground in which extremists thrive. The foreign minister also spoke of unsavoury methods being used such as regime change and open support for the unconstitutional state coup in Ukraine a year ago. Russia has repeatedly accused the United States and its western allies of having engineered the ouster of pro-Kremlin Ukrainian leader Viktor Yanukovych, which triggered the separatist upheaval in Crimea and east Ukraine. Lavrov spoke to the council as Ukraine accused pro-Russia rebels of massing forces near the port city of Mariupol despite a ceasefire agreement reached between Ukraine, Russia, France and Germany.

KC Agrawal :Apex Court view on tainted Legislators

24 02 2015

 Supreme Court view on tainted Legislators is disheartening. I can understand, there may be some limitations, but in the broader perspective, the view should have expressed the concern of the apex court for the nation and the welfare of the people. This perspective is conspicuously overlooked by the learned apex court and issue of national importance has remained an issue between the Parliament and the Judiciary. I suppose the present view of the apex court is based on an earlier verdict by one of its Constitutional bench. Sir, Judiciary, Parliament and State Assemblies are meant for the welfare of the people of the land. People look in them the wisdom of a prudent father and love of a doting mother.
The Judiciary is the custodian of the Constitution and responsible for overseeing that the same is being truly implemented by the Parliament and State Assemblies. The tainted Legislators have been a compelling issue for long and a great deterrence in prudent governances. They are a conspicuous cause of the sufferings of our large populace. The bench of the apex court seems to have overlooked this vital aspect.
It is quite possible that some of the tainted Legislators may come out to be innocent. But it shall not be logical to hand over the fate of a massive nation such as India in the hands of such dubious characters until they are found innocent. Therefore let them enjoy a free life as a free citizen till they are found innocent under judicial impunity. Why permit them in the Parliament or State Assemblies? Our country is already pushed to the present tatters due to such incongruous and unmindfulpersonal rights. As I said before, in such cases we may apply the ‘law of maxims’ that says, ‘in the larger public good, individual rights can be sacrificed’. Good governance surely demands for this law to prevail.

I therefore pray the learned Judiciary to play the role of a watch dog for the Parliament and the State Assemblies, a responsibility that all the worthy Constitutions of the world have bestowed on their learned Judiciaries.

Supreme Court in its verdict has said that Political parties know the best about a suitable candidate because they have to run the governments. Sir, as far as we have witnessed, they just know how to manipulate vote politics and win the elections for their self seeking overtures. My statement is conspicuous and my book narrates this fact in abundance. The SC has assumed that the conscious of the Prime Minister or the Chief Ministers is enough to judge the repercussions of such dubious characters in the governments. But such assumptions are misplaced and have been largely responsible for India’s present dilapidation. Similar assumptions were made by our founding fathers when they were drafting the Constitution as discussed in my analysis and presented through the book. All such assumptions have failed us. Sir, our Parliament and State Assemblies have made mockery of elections and governances. For them Constitution is of little relevance and is generally used as an instrument for their own protection rather than any incumbency. The utter shambles of our country is a proof.
Sir, I may like to emphatically submit and pray that the time has come for the Judiciary to take some hard decisions for the sake of the nation, multitudes of perennially suffering people and the implementation of the Constitution. As the ultimate saviour of the people of India, Sir it is your turn now to set all wrongs right ‘within and outside’ and make all functionaries responsible and accountable, Parliament, State Assemblies or any other to uphold the dignity and reverence of our Constitution.
K C Agrawal                              

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Tony Abbott PM OZ on security & safety

24 02 2015

Today, I want to speak to you about keeping our country safe.

I want to speak to you about the threat that we face; the work done already to keep you as safe as we humanly can; and the things still needed to prevent further terrorist attacks.
Today, my colleagues and I are joined by representatives of the Australian Federal Police, the Australian Defence Force, ASIO and agencies like Crimtrac – which helps police and other law enforcement bodies share information.
The men and women in this room are on the frontline of Australia’s fight against terror.
There is no greater responsibility – on me – on the government – than keeping you safe.
This is the responsibility that’s discharged by the men and women in this room.
We know that these are testing times for everyone here – and for everyone sworn to protect democratic freedoms.
The terrorist threat is rising at home and abroad – and it’s becoming harder to combat.
We have seen on our TV screens and in our newspapers the evidence of the new dark age that has settled over much of Syria and Iraq.
We have seen the beheadings, the mass executions, the crucifixions and the sexual slavery in the name of religion.
There is no grievance here that can be addressed; there is no cause here that can be satisfied; it is the demand to submit – or die.
We have seen our fellow Australians – people born and bred to live and let live – succumb to the lure of this death cult.
We have heard the exhortations of their so-called caliphate to kill all or any of the unbelievers.
And we know that this message of the most primitive savagery is being spread through the most sophisticated technology.
By any measure, the threat to Australia is worsening.
The number of foreign fighters is up.
The number of known sympathisers and supporters of extremism is up.
The number of potential home grown terrorists is rising.
The number of serious investigations continues to increase.
During 2014, the Government consulted with our experts – many of whom are in this room today; we talked with our allies; and we worked with the Opposition, to improve Australia’s preparedness for any eventuality.
Last September, the National Terrorist Threat level was lifted to High, which means a terrorist attack is likely.
Critics said we were exaggerating.
But since then, we have witnessed the frenzied attack on two police officers in Melbourne and the horror of the Martin Place siege.
Twenty people have been arrested and charged as a result of six counter terrorism operations conducted around Australia.
That’s one third of all the terrorism-related arrests since 2001 – within the space of just six months.
The judgment to lift the Threat Level was correct.
In proclaiming a caliphate, the Islam-ist death-cult has declared war on the world.
Not only has Australia suffered at the hands of terrorists – but so have Canada, France, Denmark, Iraq, Egypt, Libya, Nigeria, Japan, Jordan, the United Kingdom and the United States.
We have seen the tactics of terrorists evolve.
In the decade after 9/11, our agencies disrupted elaborate conspiracies to attack our electricity supplies, the Grand Final at the MCG and the Holsworthy Army Barracks in Sydney.
Now, in addition to the larger scale, more complex plots that typified the post 9/11 world, such as the atrocities in Bali and London, sick individuals are acting on the caliphate’s instruction to seize people at random and kill them.
Today’s terrorism requires little more than a camera-phone, a knife and a victim.
These lone actor attacks are not new, but they pose a unique set of problems.
All too often, alienated and unhappy people brood quietly.
Feeling persecuted and looking for meaning, they self-radicalise online.
Then they plan attacks which require little preparation, training or capability.
The short lead time from the moment they decide they are going to strike, and then actually undertake the attack, makes it hard to disrupt their activities.
Police do not have the luxury to wait and watch.
They apply their best judgement – and they do so, fully aware that armchair critics, will find fault.
Still, police act because they have enough facts to make an informed judgement.
Some of these raids may not result in prosecution.
But frankly, I’d rather lose a case, than lose a life.
The protection of life must always rank ahead of the prospects of a successful prosecution.
The arrest of two men in Sydney earlier this month, who’d already recorded a pre-attack message, is just one example of how quickly a threat can develop.
I should add that without our Foreign Fighters legislation, it is highly unlikely that these arrests could have been made.
This new terrorist environment is uniquely shaped by the way that extremist ideologies can now spread online.
Every single day, the Islam-ist death cult and its supporters churn out up to 100,000 social media messages in a variety of languages.
Often, they are slick and well produced.
That’s the contagion that’s infecting people, grooming them for terrorism.
Already at least 110 Australians have travelled overseas to join the death cult in Iraq and Syria.
At least 20 of them, so far, are dead.
Even if the flow of foreign fighters to Syria and Iraq stopped today, there’s an Australian cohort of hardened jihadists who are intent on radicalising and influencing others.
The number of Australians with hands-on terrorist experience is now several times larger than those who trained earlier in Afghanistan and Pakistan.
Of that group, two-thirds became involved in terrorist activity back here in Australia.
The signs are ominous.
ASIO currently has over 400 high-priority counter-terrorism investigations.
That’s more than double the number a year ago.
We are not alone in facing such challenges.
The same phenomenon is evident across Europe, in the United States and in South East Asia.
Many of those involved in anti-Western attacks in Indonesia over the last decade are now being released from prison—some neither reformed nor rehabilitated.
Australian and Indonesian agencies will continue to work closely together to tackle extremists – because it is in both our interests to do so.
In Australia and elsewhere, the threat of terrorism has become a terrible fact of life that government must do all in its power to counter.
So far, this is what we have done.
Within weeks of taking office, I asked the Attorney-General to develop a government response to foreign fighters.
Last August, the Government invested $630 million in a range of new counter-terrorism measures.
This funding gives our security agencies the resources they asked for to combat home-grown terrorism and to help prevent Australians participating in terrorism overseas.
The effect of these new measures has already been felt.
·Counter-Terrorism Teams now operate at all eight major international airports;
·sixty-two additional biometric screening gates are being fast tracked for passengers at airports to detect and deal with people leaving on false passports;
·forty-nine extra AFP members are working in Sydney, Melbourne and Canberra on the Foreign Fighter threat;
·seven new financial analysts have been engaged to help crack down on terrorist financing;
·a new “violent jihadist network mapping unit” in ASIO has been created to improve intelligence agencies’ understanding of the threat facing Australia;
·a Foreign Fighters Task Force has been established in the Australian Crime Commission with access to the commission’s coercive powers; and
·Last Thursday, the Attorney-General announced a series of measures designed to combat terrorist propaganda online.
We have legislated to cancel the welfare payments of individuals assessed to be a threat to security.
This is not window dressing – as of last September, 55 of the 57 Australian extremists then fighting with terrorist groups in Syria and Iraq had been on welfare.
We have made it easier to ban terrorist organisations which promote and encourage terrorist acts.
We have strengthened the offences of training with, recruiting for and funding terrorist organisations.
We have made it easier to prosecute foreign fighters by making it illegal to travel to a declared area overseas.
Last December, we proscribed travel to Syria’s Al Raqqa province – where the death cult is based – without a legitimate purpose.
We are now looking at listing Mosul district in Ninawa Province, in Iraq, which the death cult also controls.
And we have given ASIO the further power to request an Australian passport be suspended, pending further security assessment – that’s happened eight times so far.
This year, we will consider what further legislation is needed to combat terrorism and keep Australians safe.
But we cannot do it alone.
The Government is working with local communities to counter violent extremism.
I acknowledge the readiness of parents, siblings and community leaders to let the police know about people they think are falling under the death cult’s spell.
Our law enforcement agencies could not operate without their help.
I acknowledge the cooperation the Commonwealth enjoys with all States and Territories on counter-terrorism issues.
That cooperation was highlighted by the Martin Place siege.
Yesterday, Premier Mike Baird and I released the Martin Place Siege Joint Commonwealth – New South Wales Review.
What we learnt from that Review was that there were no major failings of intelligence or process in the lead up to Martin Place.
Everyone did their job as required by law.
But now, there’s more to do.
It’s clear that in too many instances the threshold for action was set too high – and the only beneficiary of that was the Martin Place murderer himself.
For too long, we have given those who might be a threat to our country the benefit of the doubt.
The perpetrator was given the benefit of the doubt when he applied for a visa.
He was given the benefit of the doubt for residency and citizenship.
He was given the benefit of the doubt at Centrelink.
He was given the benefit of the doubt when he applied for legal aid.
And in the courts, there has been bail, when there should have been jail.
This report marks a line in the sand.
There is always a trade-off between the rights of an individual and the safety of the community.
We will never sacrifice our freedoms in order to defend them – but we will not let our enemies exploit our decency either.
If Immigration and Border Protection faces a choice to let-in or keep out people with security questions over them – we should choose to keep them out.
If there is a choice between latitude for suspects or more powers to police and security agencies – more often, we should choose to support our agencies.
And if we can stop hate-preachers from grooming gullible young people for terrorism, we should.
We have already made a start on removing the benefit of the doubt for people who are taking advantage of us.
We’ve introduced legislation to refuse a protection visa to people who destroy evidence of their identity.
And the same applies if you present a bogus document.
This Bill is currently stalled in the Senate.
It’s reasonable.
It’s in our country’s interest.
And I call on all senators to support it.
The Government’s Data Retention Bill – currently being reviewed by the Parliament – is the vital next step in giving our agencies the tools they need to keep Australia safe.
Access to metadata is the common element to most successful counter-terrorism investigations.
It’s essential in fighting most major crimes, including the most abhorrent of all – crimes against children.
Again, I call on Parliament to support this important legislation.
We need to give our agencies these powers to protect our community.
Today, I am releasing the Counter Terrorism review that the Government commissioned last August.
The Review finds that we face a new, long-term era of heightened terrorism threat, with a much more significant ‘home grown’ element.
While the Review did not recommend major structural changes, it did recommend strengthening our counter-terrorism strategy and improving our cooperation with at-risk communities.
The government will carefully consider the findings and act as quickly as possible.
In fact, some recommendations have already been acted upon:
We will ensure returning foreign fighters are prosecuted or closely monitored using strengthened control orders.
We will appoint a National Counter Terrorism Coordinator.
We want to bring the same drive, focus and results to our counter terrorism efforts that worked so well in Operation Sovereign Borders and Operation Bring Them Home.
Over recent months, I spent many hours listening to Australians from all walks of life.
Clearly, people are anxious about the national security threats we face.
Many are angry because all too often the threat comes from someone who has enjoyed the hospitality and generosity of the Australian people.
When it comes to someone like the Martin Place murderer, people feel like we have been taken for mugs.
Australian citizenship is an extraordinary privilege that should involve a solemn and lifelong commitment to Australia.
People who come to this country are free to live as they choose – provided they don’t steal that same freedom from others.
We are one of the most diverse nations on earth – and celebrating that is at the heart of what it means to be Australian.
We are a country built on immigration and are much the richer for it.
Always, Australia will continue to welcome people who want to make this country their home.
We will help them and support them to settle in.
But this is not a one-way street.
Those who come here must be as open and accepting of their adopted country, as we are of them.
Those who live here must be as tolerant of others as we are of them.
No one should live in our country while denying our values and rejecting the very idea of a free and open society.
It’s worth recalling the citizenship pledge that all of us have been encouraged to recite:

 I pledge my commitment to Australia and its people; whose democratic beliefs I share; whose rights and liberties I respect; and whose laws I will uphold and obey.

This has to mean something.
Especially now that we face a home-grown threat from people who do reject our values.
Today, I am announcing that the Government will look at new measures to strengthen immigration laws, as well as new options for dealing with Australian citizens who are involved in terrorism.
We cannot allow bad people to use our good nature against us.
The Government will develop amendments to the Australian Citizenship Act so that we can revoke or suspend Australian citizenship in the case of dual nationals.
It has long been the case that people who fight against Australia forfeit their citizenship.
Australians who take up arms with terrorist groups, especially while Australian military personnel are engaged in Afghanistan and Iraq, have sided against their country and should be treated accordingly.
For Australian nationals, we are examining suspending some of the privileges of citizenship for individuals involved in terrorism.
Those could include restricting the ability to leave or return to Australia, and access to consular services overseas, as well as access to welfare payments.
We will also clamp down on those organisations that incite religious or racial hatred.
No-one should make excuses for Islam-ist fanatics in the Middle East or their imitators here in Australia.
For a long time, successive governments have been concerned about organisations that breed hatred, and sometimes incite violence.
Organisations and individuals blatantly spreading discord and division – such as Hizb ut-Tahrir – should not do so with impunity.
Today, I can confirm that the Government will be taking action against hate preachers.
This includes enforcing our strengthened terrorism advocacy laws.
It includes new programmes to challenge terrorist propaganda and to provide alternative online material based on Australian values.
And it will include stronger prohibitions on vilifying, intimidating or inciting hatred.
These changes should empower community members to directly challenge terrorist propaganda.
I’ve often heard Western leaders describe Islam as a ‘religion of peace’.
I wish more Muslim leaders would say that more often, and mean it.
I have often cited Prime Minister Najib of Malaysia, who has described the Islamist death cult as ‘against God, against Islam and against our common humanity’.
In January, President al Sisi told the imams at Egypt’s al Azhar university that Islam needed a ‘religious revolution’ to sweep away centuries of false thinking.
Everybody, including Muslim community leaders – needs to speak up clearly because, no matter what the grievance, violence against innocents must surely be a blasphemy against all religion.
I can’t promise that terrorist atrocities won’t ever again take place on Australian soil.
But let me give you this assurance:
My Government will never underestimate the threat.
We will make the difficult decisions that must be taken to keep you and your family safe.
We have the best national security agencies and the best police forces in the world.
Our agencies are working together.
All levels of government are working together.
We are doing our duty.
That is what you have a right to expect – and to demand of me and of us.

India wants to create 100 smartcities

24 02 2015

India wants to create 100 . What are they, exactly?
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Met Police arrive in Turkey as search continues for three missing schoolgirls

24 02 2015

Met Police arrive in Turkey as search continues for three missing schoolgirls from east London
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Government seeks to get 6 important bills passed

24 02 2015

Travel at ease with the AirAsia Asean Pass!

24 02 2015

Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: cid:image001.png@01CD7A2A.808EF500
Travel at ease with the AirAsia Asean Pass!Highly anticipated AirAsia Asean Pass is now available for sale on www.airasia.com

BANGKOK, 23 February 2015 – AirAsia introduced the “AirAsia Asean Pass” and the “AirAsia Asean Pass+” in an effort to boost travel by making traveling within the region a seamless experience. The passes are available from today at www.airasia.com, with the AirAsia Asean Pass retailing at RM499 for 10 credits and AirAsia Asean Pass+ for RM888 with 20 credits.
The co-founders of AirAsia; Tan Sri Tony Fernandes and Datuk Kamarudin Meranun announced the  development of this product at the ASEAN Business Advisory Council Malaysia Conference held in Kuala Lumpur in November last year.
AirAsia Group CEO Tony Fernandes said, “As a truly Asean airline, we are extremely proud to introduce the AirAsia Asean Pass, which is a product specifically designed to further liberalize and encourage travel among the Asean community. The pass allows us to bridge communities and attract more foreign tourists to the region- it’s the perfect instrument to promote Asean integration.”
“We are constantly enhancing the way guests fly with us and the AirAsia Asean Pass is another innovation that we have put in place to make flying more efficient and enjoyable. We are working on additional enhancements that will further benefit guests traveling from non Asean destinations.”
Holders of the AirAsia Asean Pass and the AirAsia Asean Pass+ can enjoy flights at a fixed-rate to over 148 routes across all 10 Asean countries. Acting like a single currency, it diminishes the hassle of different foreign exchange rates as flights are valued according to credits, allowing guests to be creative in planning their ideal trip through Asean.
Flights with duration of below two hours are valued at 1 credit, while flights of two hours and above are valued at 3 credits. No processing fee applies for flight redemptions using the AirAsia Asean Pass and Asean Pass+. Airport charges/tax and other fees will be payable separately. The pass can also be purchased as a gift for another traveller.
The AirAsia Asean Pass and Asean Pass+ credits are redeemable for travel with AirAsia Malaysia (AK), Thai AirAsia (FD), AirAsia Indonesia (QZ) and Philippines AirAsia (Z2) to Asean destinations only.
For a detailed list of flights redeemable with the AirAsia Asean Pass and Asean Pass+ and other applicable terms and conditions, guests may refer to the airline’s website at www.airasia.com.    
Keep updated with AirAsia’s latest promotions and activities via Twitter (twitter.com/AirAsia) and Facebook (facebook.com/AirAsia).

Center’s policy of “less work, more talk”: Mayawat

24 02 2015

President’s speech reflects Center’s policy of “less work, more talk”: Mayawati
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Taliban leadership ready to peace talks with Afghan govt’

24 02 2015

‘Taliban leadership gives nod to peace talks with Afghan govt’


The top leadership of Afghan Taliban has given an approval to begin a brand new round of peace negotiations with the Afghanistan government, sources told BBC on Sunday.
The report surfaced days after Pakistani officials reportedly contacted Afghan Taliban suggesting them to engage in peace talks with the government.
Afghan Taliban leadership, however, has not officially confirmed the initiation of stalled peace process.
Meanwhile, a delegation headed by Taliban representative in Qatar Qari Din Mohammad is likely to visit Pakistan soon.
According to sources, Qari Din had visited Islamabad a few days ago as well and returned to Doha after important consultations.
Key Taliban leader Abbas Stanekzai is also likely to accompany Qari Din during the trip.
A Pakistan Army spokesman had said after reports of these developments last week that Pakistan supports ‘absolutely transparent, Afghan owned and Afghan led’ peace process.
Afghan Taliban’s central spokesman had, however, denied the reports.

Anirban Lahiri win Indian Open trophy

24 02 2015

Anirban Lahiri etches his name on Indian Open trophy with playoff win over SSP Chawrasia

Lahiri’;s 2nd European Tour win in three weeks could take him close to top-30 in the world

New Delhi, February 22, 2015: India’;s Anirban Lahiri sealed his second European Tour title in three weeks as he defeated compatriot SSP Chawrasia in a playoff at the Delhi Golf Club to etch his name on the coveted Indian Open trophy. Anirban came home the winner after sinking a long birdie putt during the playoff. Lahiri and Chawrasia had earlier ended the regulation 72 holes with identical totals of seven-under-277.

Anirban’;s win, the first by an Indian at the Indian Open in six years, is likely to propel him from his current world ranking of 39 to somewhere close to the top-30. The prolific Lahiri became the eighth Indian winner of the Indian Open and it was the 11th occasion that the tournament was won by an Indian. It was also the 68th international title won by an Indian.

Lahiri (73-65-70-69), who was overnight tied sixth, posted a tenacious two-under-69 on a high-scoring day even as overnight leader Chawrasia (65-67-69-76) struggled in the blustery conditions to return with a disappointing five-over-76.

Lahiri, who started the day seven shots behind Chawrasia, took advantage of the latter’s stuttering form when he turned in 34 before trading one birdie against one bogey on the back nine. But it was a magical chip-in par on the 17th hole which kept him in the title race.

Chawrasia scrambled through the day as a result of the blustery conditions. He found the bushes on two occasions and also missed the greens a few times that led to his five bogeys and a double-bogey. He could only manage two birdies in the final round.

Both players finished on seven-under-277 in regulation play and returned to the 18th hole for the playoff where Lahiri sealed the win with a birdie from inside 10-feet. Chawrasia’s title hopes faded when his tee shot landed under thick branches.

The victory accounted for Lahiri’s seventh Asian Tour title and second European Tour win. The 27-year-old from Bangalore playing in his rookie season on the European Tour, who had just two weeks back lifted the Maybank Malaysian Open trophy, is now ranked second in the European Tour Race to Dubai. Anirban’s 15th career title also made him the second Indian to record multiple victories in the same European Tour season following Jeev Milkha Singh in 2006.

“The new Hero Indian Open winner? That has a nice ring to it. I’m shocked. I really didn’t think that I will be in this position considering the way S.S.P. and Siddikur have been playing. I thought all of us were playing for third,” said Lahiri, who registered his fourth playoff win at the DGC.

“This has been a childhood dream so it is very special to keep the Indian Open trophy at home. Every Indian puts winning the Indian Open on their bucket list. I couldn’t have asked for a better day,” smiled Lahiri, who is the first local to win the Indian Open since C Muniyappa’s victory in 2009.

“It was a tough day with the wind switching its direction and the tricky pin positions. But that chip-in was crucial. I didn’t want to come down 18, needing to eagle it. Even when I played 18 in regulation play, I thought I needed to birdie it. That chip-in was easily the shot of the day. It was magical when it went in,” said Lahiri.

He added, “This win will boost my world ranking and open a lot of doors for me. I have a very good chance of playing The Masters now.”

Chawrasia, a two-time European Tour winner, was gracious in defeat despite finishing second for the fourth time in his National Open. He settled for runner-up in 1999, 2006 and 2013.

“It’s been a great week and I played well for three days and had some bad shots in the final round but it’s ok. The problem today was the wind. It was gusting a lot and made it very difficult,” he explained.

“I am proud of myself for hanging in there to make the playoff and there is always a next time. Anirban is a great friend and he played well to win the playoff. I’m playing well and hopefully it continues like this.”

PGTI member Mithun Perera of Sri Lanka enjoyed his best result in 2015 when he posted a 69 to share third place alongside Thailand’s Prayad Marksaeng (71), Marcus Fraser (72) of Australia and Joakim Lagergren (69) of Sweden at six-under-278.

Md Siddikur Rahman of Bangladesh made it four PGTI members in the top-10 as he claimed tied seventh place at five-under-279. He had a final round of five-over-76.

Among the other Indians in the field, Shubhankar Sharma and Jyoti Randhawa finished tied 17th at one-under-283, while Rashid Khan, Manav Jaini and Jeev Milkha Singh were a further shot back in tied 24th.

Arjun Atwal and Chikkarangappa shared 31st place at one-over-285. Mukesh Kumar was in joint 35th at two-over-286 and Amardip Sinh Malik, Kapil Kumar and Chiragh Kumar were a shot behind in tied 39th.

Om Prakash Chouhan was tied 50th at five-over-289, Angad Cheema was tied 63rd at eight-over-292 and Shiv Kapur ended in 68th place at 10-over-294.

Preview Invitation: 3rd edition of Transmissions – The Festival of Independent

24 02 2015

Cinema From Around The World.

Dear Friends from the Media,
We are happy to invite you to  the 3rd edition of Transmissions – The Festival of Independent Cinema From Around The World.  The film festival is scheduled from the 26th February to the 1st of March, 2015 at Instituto Cervantes ( Spanish Cultural Center ), 48, Hanuman Road, Connaught Place New Delhi 
The Festival will also host, for the first time, an exhibition of art works / photographs from imminent independent artists from across the world and a tribute to the eminent film programmer Late. Mr. Peter Von Bagh from Finland during the festival.
I invite you for an exclusive press preview of the exhibition and the formal launch of the festival on the 24th of February, 2015 at 5 pm at Instituto Cervantes Auditorium.
The Preview will be addressed by Cultural Ambassadors of the supporting Embassies, Artists and Founders of Lightcube Film Society.

Zarif on nuclear talks with Kerry

24 02 2015

Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif has concluded his two hour meeting with his American counterpart John Kerry in Geneva on Sunday. Zarif told Iranian state media that the talks produced “good discussions but no agreements”, and some differences remained. The talks are set to resume on Monday to try to narrow some of the gaps before the March 31 deadline to reach a political agreement.

Polish movie Ida wins Oscar for best foreign language film

24 02 2015

The Polish film Ida, directed by Poland’s Paweł Pawlikowski, has won best foreign language film at the Oscars, defeating the Russian entry Leviathan, directed by Andrey Zvyagintsev. It is the first Polish film to win the world’s most prestigious movie award. The movie, set in Poland in the 1960s, is about a young woman who discovers she is Jewish just before she becomes a nun. “We make a film about silence and withdrawing from the world and the need for contemplation – and here we are, at the epicenter of world noise and attention. Fantastic – life is full of surprises,” Pawlikowski said while accepting the award

Over 100,000 books burnt by ISIS in Anbar: Iraq

24 02 2015

The Islamic State extremist group (IS, formerly known as ISIS, ISIL) has burnt more than 100,000 books, including rare and important manuscripts, across the parts of the Anbar region in Iraq they control, according to Anbar provincial council member Amal Fahadway, cited by London-based Arabic language website Elaph, Sputnik news agency reports. The director of Mosul’s public library said in a statement that a library in the Faisaliah area east of Mosul was bombed by IS on Saturday. IS has been notorious for ransacking libraries and destroying books. UNESCO exepressed its alarm at the beginning of February over reports of massive destruction of books in Mosul, saying that these actions seek “to wipe out the cultural diversity that is the soul of the Iraqi people.”

‘Flagrant aggression:’ Damascus

24 02 2015

Syrian government has said a Turkish incursion into the north of the country was an act of “flagrant aggression.” Damascus said it would hold Ankara responsible after they went into Syria to evacuate personnel and relics from a holy tomb. Syria said the Turkish government had informed the Syrian consulate in Istanbul about its plans regarding the tomb of Suleyman Shah in northern Syria.Shah was the grandfather of the founder of the Ottoman Empire However, Turkey didn’t wait for permission from Damascus and mounted a rescue operation to the tomb, to salvage its relics and evacuate 40 Turkish soldiers who had been guarding it.>Damascus says the maneuver was in violation of an agreement signed in 1921. Syria also stated that Anakara would be responsible for any repercussions that could take place as a result of the incursion.

The military operation launched to rescue the holy place was coordinated with the Kurds. The only casualty was a Turkish soldier.
The task force of approximately 100 military vehicles, including 39 tanks, crossed the Syrian border to a territory controlled by Kurdish People’s Protection Unit (YPG) fighters and passed through the city of Kobani, recaptured by the YPG from the Islamic State in January.
Turkish Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu held a media briefing in the capital, Ankara, reporting that 38 soldiers had been brought back safely to Turkey.  Syria accuses Turkey of supporting insurgent groups that have seized control of wide areas of northern and eastern Syria, including the Islamic State militant group.  The Syrian government statement said the fact that the Islamic State had not attacked the tomb “confirmed the depth of the ties between the Turkish government and this terrorist organization,” according to Reuters.  Syrian Deputy Foreign Minister Faisal Mekdad accused Ankara of violating Syrian sovereignty and warned that his country has the right to defend itself.  “Damascus reserves the right to defend our land and properly respond to this aggression at the right time,” he told pan-Arabist satellite TV channel Al Mayadeen.

4.5-magnitude quake hits eastern Japan

24 02 2015

An earthquake measuring 4.5 has shaken eastern Japan, the Japan Meteorological Agency said, as quoted by Reuters. There were no immediate reports of damage, and no tsunami warning has been issued. The epicenter of the tremor was in Chiba prefecture, east of Tokyo.

Feb 21 at 6:31 PM

AAP On leakage of documents from the petroleum ministry.

Aam Aadmi Party has issued the following statement on the issue of arrests made in connection with leakage of documents from the petroleum ministry.

The arrests of some clerical staff and mediators in connection with the attempts to leak documents from the crucial petroleum ministry exposes how corporate-officials-politician nexus operates in the corridors of power under the Narendra Modi government. Instead of getting to the bottom of the case, the government seems to be brushing the matter under the carpet by making some lower ranking employees and go-betweens escape goats.

The investigation in the case defies basic logic that the police has so far failed to identify the end beneficiary. The Aam Aadmi party sincerely hopes that the culprits, who subverted the system to get undue benefits will be booked and interrogated in custody.

During earlier BJP regime, in 1998, V Balasubramaniam, a top official of the Reliance Industries Limited was arrested by the CBI under the same circumstances and under official secrets Act, but then too the investigations failed to see the light of the day. The corporate honchos still remain free and away from law.

Now media reports suggest that Essar Group and Reliance Group companies are behind this act. We demand that instead of only booking low ranking employees and go-betweens, the police should take the investigation to a logical end.

We also demand that the government should not allow the mighty and powerful accused to influence the probe and repeat offenders of corporate espionage should be blacklisted from government dealings.

Media reports also suggest that classified papers from coal and power ministries have also been recovered from the possession of the accused. It clearly shows that the nexus is deeper than it looks at this point and many more people seem to be involved. Only a thorough and independent probe can bring out the truth and nail the culprits.


AAP Media Cell

17 Bharat Rang Mahotsav Synopsis and Pictures

18 02 2015

17 February 2015



Director: Sophia Stepf
Group: Flinn Theater, Germany
Language: English
Duration: 1hr 15m
Date: 17th Feb 2015
Time: 2:00 pm

Venue: Sammukh


The Play

Meet Shilpa, an attractive, interactive and user-friendly mobile phone application that has been projected to be the most popular mobile applications of 2013. Created, incorporating the latest technology, Shilpa will sing for you – in the flesh. She will sing what you want to hear in her sugary and husky voice, and shake her hips when you want her to, dancing to your favourite tune. Best of all, she behaves exactly the way women are supposed to behave in the eyes of men; that is, until the next update is released.

C Sharp C Blunt is the latest offering by Germany’s, Flinntheater, in an Indo-German collaboration that explores the realms of digital dramaturgy, repetition and user choices to create a new hybrid form of theatre-meets-performance art.


Director’s Note

Our team comprises of working women in the entertainment/art industry today and we felt the need to say something about its limits for women, the small sexisms, the twisted images we have to battle and the glass ceilings – but we wanted to do it in an entertaining and satirical way. This play has been devised from the realm of our shared experiences, but certainly lays more focus on the experiences of women performers in India than in Germany. Swar Thounaojam, Ritu Bhattacharya and Irawati Karnik contributed to this play in different ways, but the centre was certainly Pallavi and the disparate worlds she occupies in one day. I consider myself more of a frame worker than a director in the classical sense. I am interested in performers that have a need to express a certain issue. I try to frame this issue and give it an exciting and contemporary form that the audience would like to watch and engage in. We had nothing, but some secondary text material, when we started. About five lines from Donna Haraway’s, A Cyborg Manifesto made it into the play. But the rest of our script is based on wild improvisations and after a while some ideas, scenes and performance oriented moments prevail. Then we had to weave this into a performance that had logic in recurring themes, symbols and ideas as well as an energetic dramaturgy, that would keep the audience engaged although they are not following a linear narrative.
As technology and the media shape the way we perceive and interact with the world, I like to reflect this in my theatre. The concept of user inputs and user choices has been intriguing me for a while because it is contradictory to the theatre set up, where there is a group of people instead of only one user. It is an experiment, all I can say is: Come and use the App and ‘C’ for yourself.




The Director

Sophia Stepflives in Berlin and has an MA in Dramaturgy for Theatre and Media from Leipzig and Toronto. She has been involved in theatre for the past fifteen years, as a director, dramaturge, critic and scout and is the Artistic Director of the company, Flinntheater that has produced acclaimed performances with writers and performers from India and Nigeria. Her play India Simulator won several awards in Germany and her documentary play A Small Small World travelled to Dhaka, Bangalore, Bremerhaven and Hamburg. Her new play The Power Play was invited to Lagos/Nigeria in December 2012..


The Group

Flinntheater Company was found in 1992 in Kassel /Germany and has produced and co-produced seventeen plays. Since 2007, the sisters Sophia and Lisa Stepf are the artistic directors of the group and work with professional teams of actors, writers and musicians. Since 2009, their productions take up globally relevant issues and are devised with the input of writers, performers and musicians from countries, like India, Bangladesh and Nigeria. Flinntheater has an education branch too and puts up its productions for schools and young people. Flinntheater was awarded the art award of the city of Kassel and the culture award of the Dr.-Wolfgang-Zippel-Foundation. The play, India Simulator (2009) has won several awards. The group has toured India, Bangladesh, Germany and Nigeria with its productions.

Car bomb explodes in Kabul diplomatic quarter

18 02 2015

A large explosion has rocked the diplomatic district of Kabul, media reports. At least one person has been injured in the attack which allegedly targeted a government vehicle, according to reports on the ground. The exact cause of the blast and the number of casualties are not immediately clear.

Blast, gunfire at police HQ in Lahore

18 02 2015

At least three people were killed on Tuesday in an attack on regional police headquarters in Pakistan’s eastern city of Lahore, media said. A witness said a large explosion was followed by rapid gunfire, adding that the attack was still in progress.A high-intensity blast took place outside Police Lines in the Qila Gujar Sigh area of the city.
At least five people including ASI Waqar Ahmed were martyred in the blast while several others including a female constable have been injured.

A suicide bomber blew himself up outside a hotel near the police district in Lahore’s Qila Gujjar Singh area.
Several vehicles parked near the site of the blast caught fire and gunshots could be heard from within the police district.
A splinter group of the Pakistan Taliban said it carried out the attack.
Lahore city police chief Captain Mohammad Ameen Wains said the blast appeared to have been caused by a suicide bomber intent on entering Lahore’s police headquarters who “blasted himself prematurely”.
IGP Punjab Mushtaq Ahmed Sukhara told reporters outside the Police Lines that five people including a sub-inspector were killed in the suicide bombing while 25 people were injured. “The attacker was standing near a pole outside Police Lines and detonated his vest.”
“There were intelligence reports that suicide attackers may strike in Lahore and other cities of Punjab,” IGP Sukhara added.
The IGP assured that police would continue to fight against terrorism. He said 5-8 kilograms were used and police were examining the CCTV video.
The police chief of Lahore, Captain (retd) Amin Wains told Geo News that the bombing was a suicide attack. He added that the attacker was trying to enter the Police Lines and was 20-25 years old.
Punjab Home Minister Colonel (retd) Shuja Khanzada confirmed that the target by the suicide bomber was the Police Lines building. He further said that suicide bomber detonated his vest as he could not penetrate the tight security.
The blast took place outside a tea shop setting fire to 5-6 cars parked in the area. Motorcycles were also damaged while the windows of nearby buildings were shattered.
The intensity of the blast was so severe that it could be heard for miles away in the city.
“The blast was so severe that the ground shook and we ran towards the spot,” said a resident of a nearby area.
Police personnel have surrounded the blast site while snipers have also been deployed in the area. The Bomb Disposal Squad (BDS) have arrived at the blast spot and are collecting evidence.
The injured have been taken to nearby hospitals. Speaking to media outside Mayo Hospital, Special Assistant to Chief Minister Punjab on Health, Khawaja Salman Rafique said that the injured are being treated at Mayo Hospital as well as Ganga Ram Hospital. He added that the injured at Mayo Hospital were in stable condition now.
There are a number of commercial plazas, schools, banks and offices as well as a residential area near the vicinity of the blast site.
The blast has been condemned by Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif and President Mamnoon Hussain. Prime Minister Sharif has directed the Punjab government to submit an immediate report on the incident.
Punjab Chief Minister, Shahbaz Sharif has called for an emergency meeting regarding the security situation in the province. The IGP Punjab will present a investigative report on today’s incident.
Media agencies

The world’s largest solar power plant of 750 Megawatt under construction

18 02 2015

The world’s largest solar power plant is underway in central India. When the 750-megawatt site starts operating in August, 2016, the project is set to overtake America’s 550-megawatt ‘Desert Sunlight’ in California.
The world’s largest solar power plant that will be generating 750MW of electricity had been recently commissioned in Rewa district of the Indian state of Madhya Pradesh.
The 40-billion-rupee ($643 million) project is close to acquisition of 1,500 hectares of land. By April government agencies are believed to start inviting tenders from developers. This joint venture of state-run PSU Urja Vikas Nigam with Solar Energy Corporation of India, and at least 20 percent of the energy generated by the plant will be used within the Madhya Pradesh state

We are planning to inaugurate the plant on August 15, 2016. The plant will be developed in three segments of 250 MW each. Land acquisition will be over by end of month and over 90 percent land for the project is owned by government,” additional chief secretary for new and renewable energy, SR Mohanty said.He added that, “No clearance from pollution control board is required for the project. We have to sign a joint venture agreement between state-run PSU Urja Vikas Nigam and Solar Energy Corporation of India and a detailed project report will be prepared. Preliminary reports are already prepared and we will complete formalities by April and we will be in a position to invite tenders.”

As the country embraces clean energy, India plans 25 solar parks and several major solar power projects in the states of Rajasthan, Gujarat, and Jammu and Kashmir. But the production of the Madhya Pradesh project is going to cost less than any other, at an estimated 5 rupees (US8 cents) per unit.
By 2022, India plans to install 100GW capacity of solar power. China aims to achieve the same goal by 2020.

“We have always spoken of energy in terms of megawatt. It is the first time we’re talking of gigawatt. We have no option but to make a quantum leap in energy production and connectivity,” Prime Minister Narendra Modi said, addressing a global conference, RE-Invest 2015, on Sunday.
However, in spite of all the advantages of solar power use in the rural India, there are some critics due to low availability of land.
“I would love it to be lower,” Energy Minister Piyush Goyal said last year. “But the ambitious plans India has to expand infrastructure, create jobs, improve the lives of people, get 24/7 power in every home, I think considering the huge magnitude of the demand shift, for renewables to meet this kind of demand will have serious challenges.”
Media agencies

Russia launches Progress cargo spaceship to ISS

18 02 2015

The Soyuz-U carrier rocket with Russia’s Progress M-26M cargo spacecraft blasted off on Tuesday from the Baikonur Cosmodrome in Kazakhstan bound for the International Space Station (ISS), TASS said. The Progress spacecraft is to dock with the ISS at 16:59 GMT on Tuesday, six hours after the launch, the Russian space agency Roscosmos stated.

Gordon Brown proposes security plan for Pakistan’s schools

18 02 2015

 Gordon Brown proposes security plan for Pakistan’s schools
UN envoy Gordon Brown held talks with Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif regarding a proposal for a security plan for Pakistan’s schools.
According to BBC report on Tuesday, the former UK Prime Minister said that he wants to help schools stand up to terrorist violence. He recommended safety measures such as security fences, metal detectors, armed guards and emergency communication systems.
Brown is promoting a plan for safe schools drawn up by education charity, World at School, drawing upon the best practice being used in parts of Pakistan and other countries.
He called upon the international community to fund the security improvements.
The plan also calls for creation of peace zones around schools, negotiated with local community and religious leaders. It also suggests armed guards on vantage points and checks on security staff.
The proposal also recommends that small schools in isolated areas could be brought together into places where they could be better protected or moved to areas of greater safety.
A spokesman for PM Nawaz reiterated his personal commitment to working with Brown regarding the proposal.

Kashmir issue should be resolved according to UN resolution: PM Nawaz

18 02 2015

Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif on Tuesday said the issue of Kashmir should be resolved through a UN resolution.
The prime minister met with a delegation from the European parliament and stated that Pakistan was determined to eliminate terrorism from its soil.
Prime Minister Sharif stressed that Pakistan gave importance to its ties with the European Union. According to the prime minister, Pakistan has seen an increase of $ 1 billion after being granted GSP Plus status.

No suspension of Contractual labour

18 02 2015

Another promise fulfilled!
Another promise fulfilled! </p><br />
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Crompton Greave wins Rs 119 cr order from state run NTPC

18 02 2015

Avantha Group Company, Crompton Greave  wins Rs 119 cr order from state run NTPC to supply generator step up transformers for its 800 MW Daripali plant.
Honoured to get this opportunity to help NTPC fulfil its vision through T&D systems and smart tech”, tweeted L.Demortier.,CEO & MD’.
Crompton Greaves Ltd has informed BSE regarding a Press Release dated February 16, 2015, titled “CG wins INR 119 crore order from NTPC, India”s largest generation utility”.Indonesian contract win for manufacture and supply of 37 transformers in month of Jan 2015
Earlier tweet said, Transformers to be installed across 36 substations across Sumatra, Bali and Sulawesi Islands.Indonesian contract win for manufacture and supply of 37 transformers

VALEDICTORY CEREMONY OF 17th Bharat Rang Mahotsav

18 02 2015

National School of Drama

Cordially invites you to the


17th Bharat Rang Mahotsav

Chief Guest: Shri Prakash Javadekar, Honble Minister of State (Independent Charge), Environment, Forests and Climate Change, Govt. of India

Guest of Honour: Shri Shekhar Sen, Eminent Theatre Personality & Chairman, Sangeet Natak Akademi, New Delhi

Shri Pankaj Kapur, Renowned Theatre and Film Personality

Presided by: Sri Ratan Thiyam, Chairman, NSD Society

Prof. Waman Kendre, Director, National School of Drama will also be present





February 18, 2015

5.45 pm


Kamani Auditorium

​, ​

Copernicus Marg, New Delhi-1

Arunachal and its Relevance to the Security Paradigm of India’ stands postponed.

18 02 2015

Vivekananda International Foundation

We would like to inform you that due to unavoidable circumstances Vimarsh on ‘Arunachal and its Relevance to the Security Paradigm of India’ by General J J Singh scheduled to be heldon Wednesday, 18 February 2015 at the Vivekananda International Foundation stands postponed.

We deeply regret the inconvenience caused and shall soon revert to you intimating the new dates




Function: Secretary (RT&H), Shri Vijay Chhibber will be holding a press briefing regarding the Workshop / Exhibition being organised on ‘Adoption of Innovative Technologies and Materials for Road Construction in India’ by IAHE
Date: 17th February, 2015(Tuesday)
Time: 05.00PM
Venue:  Ground Floor, Conference Room, Transport Bhawan, New Delhi


You all are cordially invited to cover the event.



 ON TUESDAY 17th FEBRUARY, 2015   


Venue: The Ashok, New Delhi 

Dear Sir/Madam


You are invited to cover the following media event:






Media Event

Shri Arun Jaitley , Union Minister of Finance will Chair the Valedictory session of RE-INVEST 2015.   Shri Suresh Prabhu , Railways Minister , Shri Piyush Goyal , Power Minister , Shri Arvind Panagariya VC, NITI Aayog , Shri Arvind Subramanian , Chief Economic Advisor will also address the session.  


4.30 PM to 5.30 PM



Main Convention  Hall(Part 1, 2, 3) , The Ashok, New Delhi



Yours sincerely,

(Rajesh Malhotra)

The news here

Copenhagen rally to commemorate shooting victims

Denmark, some 30,000 people attended a rally in Copenhagen yesterday evening to pay tribute to the two victims killed in twin shootings in the Danish capital at the weekend.

Danish Prime Minister Helle Thorning-Schmidt told the crowd that an attack on the country’s Jews was an attack on all of Denmark. The gathering took place near the scene of the first of the two shootings.

Shiv Ratri_Spritual Significance

17 02 2015

भगवान शिव की उपासना की विशेषताएं
सनातन निर्मित गभवान शिव का सात्त्विक चित्र
शिवभक्त महाशिवरात्र के दिन शिवजी की श्रद्धापूर्वक उपासना करते हैं । इसका अध्यात्मशास्त्रीय आधार समझकर शिवोपासना करने से उपासक में भक्तिभाव बढता है । परिणामस्वरूप, उसे उपासना से अधिक से अधिक लाभ मिलता है । शिवभक्तों को महाशिवरात्र व्रत का पूरा फल मिले, इस हेतु प्रस्तुत है शिवोपासना की विशेषताएं एवं उनका अध्यात्मशास्त्रीय आधार –

महाशिवरात्र व्रत का अध्यात्मशास्त्रीय आधार
राfत्र के एक प्रहर शिवजी शयन करते हैं, जिसे ‘महाशिवरात्र’ कहते है । इस काल में शिवजी का सगुणात्मक कार्य रुक जाता है, अर्थात शिवजी ध्यानावस्था से समाधि-अवस्थामें प्रवेश करते हैं । इस अवस्था में शिवजी विश्व के तमोगुण को अस्वीकार करते हैं, अतः विश्व में तमोगुण बढ जाता है । हमपर इसका कुप्रभाव न हो, इस हेतु महाशिवरात्र व्रत करते हैं ।

शिवजी का आशीर्वाद : शिवजी ने भक्तों को आशीर्वाद दिया है – जो महाशिवरात्र पर मेरा व्रत करेंगे, उनपर मेरी आगे दिए अनुसार कृपादृष्टि होगी – १. पुरुषों की सर्व इच्छाएं पूर्णहोंगी । २. कुमारियों को मनानुरूप वर मिलेगा । ३. विवाहित स्त्रियां सौभाग्यवती रहेंगी ।’

भस्म एवं रुद्राक्ष का भावार्थ
भस्म : शरीर की नश्वरता का सतत स्मरण रहे, इसका सूचक है भस्म ।
रुद्राक्ष : रुद्राक्ष बीज है । यह कभी क्षीण नहीं होता । आत्मा भी ऐसी है । रुद्राक्ष आत्मा का प्रतीक है ।

शृंगदर्शन कैसे करें ? (नंदी के सींगों के मध्यसे शिवलिंग के दर्र्शन)
शृंगदर्शन के समय नंदी के दार्इं ओर उसके पिछले पैरों के निकट बैठकर अथवा खडे रहकर बायां हाथ नंदी के वृषण पर (अंडकोश पर) रखें । दाएं हाथ की तर्जनी एवं अंगूठे को नंदी के दोनों सींगों पर रखें । दोनों सींगों तथा उनपर रखी दो उंगलियों के मध्य से शिवलिंग के दर्शन करें ।

शिवजी को बिल्वपत्र क्यों एवं कैसे चढाएं ?
बिल्वपत्र में शिवतत्त्व अधिकाधिक आकर्षित करने की क्षमता होती है, इसलिए शिवजी को बिल्वपत्र चढाते हैं । शिवपिंडी पर त्रिदलीय बिल्वपत्र औंधे रखें एवं उसका डंठल देवता कीओर तथा अग्रभाग अपनी ओर कर चढाएं । शिवपिंडी पर बिल्वपत्र औंधा चढाने से उससे निर्गुण स्तर के स्पंदनअधिक मात्रा में प्रक्षेपित होते हैं तथा श्रद्धालुओं को इससे अधिक लाभ होता है ।

शिवपूजा में कुछ विधिनिषेध
श्वेत अक्षत (धुले हुए अखंड चावल) एवं पुष्प चढाएं ! : अक्षत की ओर निर्गुण ईश्वरीय तत्त्व से संबंधित उच्च देवताओं की तरंगें आकर्षित होती हैं; इसलिए अधिकाधिक निर्गुणसे संबंधित शिवजी को उनके श्वेत रंग से समानता दर्शानेवाले श्वेत अक्षत चढाएं । साथही, अरघेपर निशिगंध, जाही, जूही, मोगरासमान श्वेत पुष्प, उनका डंठल पिंडी की ओरकर १० अथवा १० के गुणज में चढाएं ।
अगरबत्ती एवं इतर (इत्र) का प्रयोग करें ! : अगरबत्ती एवं इतर से प्रक्षेपित गंधतरंगों की ओर देवताओं की तरंगें शीघ्र आकर्षित होती हैं; इसलिए शिवपूजा में विहित केवडा, चमेली अथवा मेंहदी की सुगंधवाली अगरबत्तियों एवं केवडे के इतर का प्रयोग करें ।
हलदी एवं कुमकुम न चढाएं ! : हलदी एवं कुमकुम उत्पत्ति के प्रतीक हैं; इसलिए लय के देवता शिवजी को ये वस्तुएं न चढाएं ।

महाशिवरात्र के दिन शिवजी का नामजप क्यों करें ?
महाशिवरात्र पर अन्य दिनों की तुलना में १००० गुना कार्यरत शिवतत्त्व का अधिक से अधिक लाभ पाने के लिए ‘ॐ नम: शिवाय ।’ जप अधिकाधिक तथा भावपूर्ण करें ।
(सुनिए : सनातन संस्था की ऑडियो सीडी ‘शिवजी का नामजप एवं उपासनाशास्त्र’)

‘नम: शिवाय ।’ मंत्र का आध्यात्मिक अर्थ
न – समस्त लोकों के आदिदेव
म: – परम ज्ञान देनेवाले तथा महापातकों का नाश करनेवाले
शि – कल्याणकारी, शांत एवं शिवानुग्रह का मूल कारण
वा – वृषभवाहन, वासुकी तथा वामांगी शक्ति का सूचक
य – परमानंदरूप तथा शिवजी का शुभ निवासस्थान

(अधिक जानकारी हेतु पढें : शिवजी की विशेषताएं, कार्य, उपासना इत्यादि के विषय में मार्गदर्शन करनेवाले सनातन संस्था भगवान शिव से संबंधित २ ग्रंथ एवं २ लघुग्रंथ !)

हिन्दुओ, देवताओं का निरादर रोकें; धर्मपालन करें !
१. देवताओं के चित्र अथवा उनके नाम छपे कपडे न पहनें !
२. देवताओं की वेशभूषा धारण कर भिक्षा मांगनेवालों को रोकें !
३. देवताओं का अनादर करने वाले उत्पाद, पत्रिका, नाटक, चलचित्र इ.का बहिष्कार करें !
४. देवताओं के चित्रों को विकृत बनाने एवं बिक्री करने वालों का वैधानिक मार्ग से विरोध करें !

अधिक जानकारी हेतु अवश्य देखें : http://www.sanatan.org

आपका विनम्र,
हिंदू जनजागृति समितिके लिए
सुरेश मुंजाल
संपर्क क्र. :9811414247

ED issues FEMA notice to BCCI, IPL

17 02 2015


Feb 17

The Enforcement Directorate has slapped a 425 crore rupees show cause notice against BCCI, IPL, their officials and private multimedia firms for alleged contravention of Forex laws in awarding a cricketing media rights contract in 2009. The notices have been issued to close to ten individuals and entities which include former BCCI chairman N Srinivasan, the then IPL Chairman Lalit Modi, Chief Operating Officer Sunder Raman, and the officials of World Sports Group and Multi Screen Media for allegedly and fraudulently manipulating the contract and making illegal payments.

The deal dates back to 2008 when the BCCI awarded the 10-year media rights to World Sports Group on payment of 918 million dollar. In the same year, World Sports Group also entered into a deal with Multi Screen Media to make Sony the official broadcaster. The contract was replaced a year later with a nine-year deal where Multi Screen Media paid 1.63 billion dollar. The ED stepped in this case in 2009 and began a probe under the Foreign Exchange Management Act, FEMA to investigate allegations that payment of 425 crore rupees facilitation fee by Multi Screen Media to World Sports Group was made in an alleged unauthorised manner.


17 Bharat Rang Mahotsav Plays Synopsis 16 Feb

17 02 2015

Director: Sudhi Devayani
Group: Nireeksha Women’s Theatre, Thiruvananthapuram
Language: Malyalam
Duration: 1hr 30m
Date: 16th Feb 2015
Time: 3:30pm

Venue: LTG


The Play

Punar-Jani is a travelogue of a different order. Punar-Jani (re-born woman) travels in and out of the stories of three women who were killed at different places and time. The women were killed by burning (fire), drowning (water) and strangulation (air) after sexual violence, share their thoughts with the woman who is Punar-Jani as she travels through their stories taking their place in the narrative and trying to change the course of the narrative.

Punar-Jani of course is defeated in each case but comes out of these narratives with the knowledge of matters hidden by narratives. She is joined in the end by the men in the narratives.


Director’s Note

Punar-Jani came across as a very interesting script with possibilities for innovative visual design. The script written by Rajarajeswari was born out of discussions with a group of women that included artists, writers, social workers as well as gender activists. The woman protagonist is searching among the dead women, their thoughts, desires and hopes hidden within the narrative of a ‘victim’. Is she searching among the dead herself?  Her self- a woman, trapped within the immense structure of power and patriarchy, herself structured for her, the living dead?

Every time she enters the story of the dead woman killed by greed, corruption and lust, searching for the inner thoughts of these women and trying to alter the ending of the story, she is defeated by the massive structure that consumes her will and turns her into the same woman who got killed by it.

I have tried out a central big structure in the set design as well as big sized properties to bring out the oppressive massiveness of the system. After each story the huge structure heaves up making it more difficult for the woman to enter the next story.  Songs that elaborate on the thoughts and emotions of the dead women are used during the set change. This, as well as elements of the set items of the upcoming scene connect one story to the other.


The Director

Sudhi Devayani is an established actress and director who has been involved in theatre for the past 20 years. Presently the Artistic Director of Nireeksha, she has directed several plays for it. Her play, Pravaachaka was a part of the Kerala Sangeet Natak Akademi’s,  Amateur Drama Competition in the year 2008, where she won the ‘Best Actress’ award,

Devayani also received the G. Sankara Pillai endowment award in 1993 and Vayala Vasudevan Pillai award in 2011.



The Playwright

Rajarajeshwari Easwaran is the founding member of Nireeksha. She started off as a script writer for several of the street plays by Nireeksha in its initial days. Her interest in theatre combined with her feminist identity motivated her to turn to playwriting and create strong women characters with their own subjectivity. Her major plays include Kudiyozhickal, Pravaachaka, Aanungal illatha Pennungal, Troll and Punar-Jani. She has also translated and adapted ‘A Secure Home’ by Elaina Garo under the name Oru Urappulla Vasadhi in Malayalam.


The Group

NIREEKSHA Women’s Theatre established in 1999 based at Aithikonam, Thiruvananthapuram, is the only women’s theatre active in Kerala.  Nireeksha produces full-length plays that are scripted by women, directed by women and have women in central roles. The group strives for a new aesthetics for women’s theatre through play productions, workshops, seminars and street plays.

Nireeksha has so far produced six major plays scripted by Rajarajeswari Easwaran and directed by Sudhi Devayani. Plays like Pravaachaka and Aanungal Illatha Pennungalhave been a part of several National & International festivals.





Director: Baharul Islam
Group: Abastav Gosthi, Guwahati
Language: Assamese
Duration: 1hr 20m
Date: 16th Feb 2015
Time: 5:00 pm

Venue: Sri Ram Centre


The Play

A young and unclothed woman, Patachara, enters the place where The Buddha was temporarily staying with his entourage. The Buddha, at once understands her state of mind. He decides to bring her back to a condition where she can recollect the events which had brought her to this state of being. His most revered nun Gauthami too cooperates in this process – Buddha’s psycho-analytic system of treating an individual afflicted with deep mental trauma and the subsequent loss of memory. In the process the sounds transcend to be words; and the words get into be meaningful sentences.


Director’s Note

The story of Patachara-the Nude, comes to us as one of the most striking examples of Buddha’s way of using the system of psychotherapy to give relief to the people afflicted with mental trauma. Patachara, a young woman developed an acute stress reaction after she witnessed the death of her husband, two children, parents and the only brother. She came to The Buddha weeping in a state of utter delirium. After she became rational, The Buddha explained her true meaning of suffering and the nature of impermanence. The story of Patachara reveals an excellent case study of trauma counseling, using the skills of flashbacks, painful memories and anxiety. The Buddha used practically most of the above mentioned avenues to resolve the grief reaction of Patachara. I’ve tried to narrate the story of Patachara employing lucid dramaturgical idioms so that the audience can understand the complicated antecedents that drove Patachara into such a state of mind and Buddha’s way of giving relief to such individuals.


The Director

Born on 16th August 1964 in Assam, Baharul Islam graduated from National School of Drama, with specialization in Acting, in 1990. He has acted in almost eighty plays in different languages like Assamese, Hindi and English, and designed and directed almost thirty plays. After graduating from NSD, he along with Smt. Bhagirathi formed his own theatre group, Seagull in Guwahati.  Mr. Islam is the recipient of many prestigious awards like: Sanskriti Samman from Eka Ebong Koekjon publication, Guwahati, Monohar Singh Smriti Puraskar from NSD, Natyaprobor Award from Sharadakanta Bordoloi Smriti Committee, Nowgaon and Bishnu Basu Smriti Samman by Bratyajon Theatre, Kolkata. He has produced and directed documentaries like, The Dhulia and Puppet Theatre in Assam (1998), Lokosanankriti (2005) and various fictions namely Nishant (2007), Beyond The Obvious (2009) and Meteka (2011). He has written and published four books namely, Akanto Monere, Simar Sipare, Beyond the Obvious and Khiriki Khuliyei. He is a regular columnist of Saatsori, an Assamese journal.


The Playwright

Mr. Karuna Deka, a renowned playwright, director, poet and novelist was born in a small village, Doukuchi, of Nalbari district, Assam on 27th December, 1947. An author of more than 100 books which include about ninety eight plays , four  poems , three novels,  two songs , three short stories and many more,  Karuna Deka is the recipient if many prestigious awards like, The Literary Award from Government of Assam, The Playwright Award from All India Drama Competition, Cuttack , Allahabad Natya Sangh and  Government of Assam.  Recently, he was felicitated with Basanta Saikai Natya Bota. His plays have acclaimed appreciation in state festivals all over Assam and national festivals outside the state and have fetched numerous prizes. His published books include Suna Suna Sabhasada (2014) Mamore Dhora Tarowal (2012),  Bondhu (2012),  Mouchumi Ahichil etc.


The Group

Established in 1986, ‘Abastav Gosthi’ has emerged as one of the prominent theatre groups. The main objective of Abastav Gosthi is to improve the existing style and form of Assamese theatre with systematic practice and training. The group has been involved in many remarkable theatrical activities in the past years and has participated in various prestigious theatre festivals. Some of the major productions of Abastav Gosthi are: Upor Moholar Bandhjon,Metaka,Sabaho Asaro, Buddhu Ram, Moniram Dewan, Alankar ,Paruar Processionot Urohor Uuh etc.


  1.    GAM SERENG

Director: Sourav Poddar
Group: NSD Student Prod
Language: Multilingual
Duration: 1hr
Date: 16th Feb 2015
Time: 9:00 pm

Venue: Open Lawn


The Play & Director’s Note

Indian government has been at war with the people of Kashmir and the North East for decades. In the name of safeguarding ‘national security and integrity’ and ‘national interest’, Government has been trying to crush the democratic aspirations of oppressed nationalities with state terror.  Operation Green Hunt has brought its war against people to the heart of India. The total number of government forces presently engaged in this operation, including  paramilitary forces and  state police, is close to a quarter of a million (2.5 lakh). This is more than double the US forces presently deployed in the occupation of Iraq.

The not-so-hidden objective behind this unprecedented military offensive is to pulverize all forms of people’s struggles and revolutionary movements so that giant multinational companies, with whom hundreds of MoUs have been signed by the Government, may make a clean sweep. Any movement, organisation or individual that fights for people’s demands is being branded a Naxalite or a Maoist. Only an unceasing wave of mass resistance can stop this assault on democratic struggles of the most oppressed and exploited millions.


The Director & Playwright

Sourav Poddar, a graduate of National School of Drama, is currently engaged with a collaborative platform of visual artistes named ‘Spelling Mistake’. As an initiating team member, digital part in live performances has been his area of exploration. He takes special interest in creating spatial elements and scenography through real, virtual, 2D images and video projection devices.


The Group

This play is being presented as part of the National School of Drama’s Graduate Showcase (Class of 2014), which aims to provide a platform for emerging theatre practitioners, while allowing them to share their work with a wide audience.




Director: Waman Kendre
Group: NSD Repertory Co., Delhi
Language: Hindi
Duration: 1hr 40m
Date: 16th Feb 2015
Time: 6:30 pm

Venue: Kamani


The Play

Ghazab Teri Adaa is inspired by Aristophanes’ Lysistrata. The action of the play takes place in an imaginary time and place. It revolves around the never ending aspiration for the expansion of kingdom and is a constant battle for the continuous fights in the battle field. The groups of performers make the king aware about the future of the war. The fearful king rejects to see and understand the situation. All the women, with fear and pain get together to stop the war under the leadership of Laya. They think of various alternatives to stop the war and finally decide that they will not allow their husbands to maintain any physical contact with them until the war stops. The violence-appreciating king and his war-loving soldiers break down in front of this unique, peaceful and non-violent protest by the women.


Director’s Note

While I was studying at NSD, I read Aristophanes’ Lysistrata in which the unusual idea of women in opposition of the war left a great impact on me. The thought of doing this play came across my mind many times in the last thirty years but it remained only an aspiration.

The recent change in the global scenario, especially in the last two decades, in the name of war saddened me. So, the thought of doing this play re-occurred. The central idea of the play i.e. the revolt of the women folk against the king’s ambition of ruling the world and emerging as a supreme power, led to the initiative of creating a new play. Gender equality is another important aspect of the play. Even after sixty five years of independence, the women reservation bill has not been passed in the Indian parliament.


The form of dialogue is poetic, as this play is stylized, not realistic. The language is guided by gender. In various rural dialects of the country, women often speak like men. There is no room for women in the language. Specially, in the plural construct the language remains masculine. While speaking the gender dignity shatters. Besides the narrative style, the audience will experience a varied audio-visual design.


Director & Playwright

Prof. Waman Kendre is the Director of National School of Drama.  Earlier he served as Professor and Director, Academy of Theatre Arts, University of Mumbai. His plays have participated in innumerable national and international festivals, and he has written, adapted and directed many plays, has conducted workshops on varying aspects of theatre   Known for doing  theatre that is innovative and meaningful, and for his sensitivity towards social, cultural and political issues.  Prof. Kendre has turned theatre into a potent platform for projecting his concern for the suffering of those sections of society that are often ignored and rarely talked about.

Much awarded Prof. Kendre received the Sangeet Natak Academi award in the year 2012 , the first Manohar Singh Smriti Puraskar in 2004 for outstanding multifaceted contribution to the field of theatre arts The Mumbai Marathi Granth Sangrahalaya  award 1989,  Natya Gaurav puraskar 1989, 1996, 1997, 1999,  Sahyog foundation award 1999. Marathwada Gaurav Award 2002 and Padmshri Daya Pawar Smriti puraskar 2007, to mention just a few.


The Group

Established in 1964 with a membership of only four persons, the Repertory Company is the regular performing wing of the School. It was set up with the dual purposes of establishing professional theatre on one hand and continuing with regular experimental work on the other. Over the years it has produced a variety of plays ranging from stylized musicals to realistic contemporary Indian drama to translations and adaptations of foreign plays. In addition, several eminent persons of national and international repute have worked with the Company, and it has performed over one hundred and fifty-five plays by ninety-eight playwrights and has worked with seventy-five directors. Quite a few of its actors have emerged as celebrities in theatre, cinema and television. The Company has toured extensively in India and abroad. It celebrated forty years of its existence in May 2004, and continues to create new work and travel extensively.



Director: Chrysanthi Avloniti
Group: Monamas Theatre Company, UK
Language: English
Duration: 1hr 15m
Date: 16th Feb 2015
Time: 8:00 pm

Venue: Abhimanch


The Play

Agamemnon is the opening play of Oresteia, by Aeschylus, followed by The Libation Bearers (Choephoroi) and The Eumenides. Although the three tragedies are independent in their plot, the overall storyline is continuous and they all share a common theme.

In Agamemnon the action begins just after the fall of Troy and Agamemnon’s capture of Cassandra, whom he brings to Argos as his mistress. Before the day of his return is over, his wife, Clytemnestra, murders them both and she then establishes herself and Aegisthus, her lover, as rulers of Argos.


Director’s Note

Is it fate or free will primarily responsible for the suffering in the hero’s life? What distinguishes the hero from the crowd? Though fated, the hero makes his own choices that bring about his destruction. On the contrary, an individual, as member of a crowd often loses his sense of responsibility and remains passive. Most of us fall in that category. A hero acts against the shape of things that degrade him, and in the process of action, everything we -the crowd- have taken for granted, because of fear or impassivity or ignorance, is shaken before us and scrutinised.

This production aims to be a challenge and a trap, an endoscope to make us more aware of what takes place within us and a mirror that reflects what surrounds us. I want my audience to realise that by living a more conscious life, we allow ourselves more choices in creating or responding to everyday circumstances.


The Director

Chrysanthi trained at the Greek National Theatre Drama School and graduated with a BA in acting in 2005. She performed for the National Theatre of Greece and the Epidaurus Festival with the productions Medea, Prometheus Bound, The Persians, The Oresteia, Exodus and Hippolytus, and toured China, America, Germany, and Greece. Further credits include leading roles in public regional and commercial theatres, participation in Greek television series and short films. Along with her professional partnerships as an actress, she was the director of the student’s cultural society of the National University of Athens for two years. In 2011 she moved to London where she formed Monamas Theatre Company and studied devising theatre and performance at the London International School of Performing Arts (LISPA). Monamas signifies a fascinating new development for her as an emerging director and producer.




The Playwright

Aeschylus was born in Eleusis, a Greek town near Athens, in 525 B.C. He was the first of the great Greek tragedians, preceding both Sophocles and Euripides, and is credited by many as having invented tragic drama. Aeschylus wrote nearly 90 plays. However, only seven have survived to the modern era, including such famous works as Prometheus Bound and The Seven Against Thebes.He was bold and innovative, while his work has a strong moral and religious emphasis. No poet has ever presented evil in such stark and tragic terms yet he had an exalted view of Gods, and a faith in progress or the healing power of time.


The Group

‘Monamas’ is a London based theatre company founded by Chrysanthi Avloniti. The company is committed to finding new, experimental and exciting ways to make theatre by presenting innovative performance practices to the audience thus making theatre a unique experience. It is extremely interested in reconstructing the classics as well as exploring new writing. We place a strong emphasis on collective working process and we like to work with movement and music, particularly exploring how these elements derive from the text.



Ahaana Deol Vohra: It takes my breath away!

17 02 2015

Hi Naresh,Delhi! My new home – it takes my breath away, literally! I am Ahaana Deol. An artist and a fellow earthling. But why am I writing to you?

Let me tell you why this is important to ALL of us.

Delhi is known for its food, monuments and politics, but there’s something else it’s been in the news for recently toxic air.The pollution levels in the air are 14 times the safety limits prescribed by the World Health Organisation (WHO) and 3 times more toxic than Beijing.

Satyender Jain, Health Minister of Delhi: issue a health advisory for schools to

Protect our children on highly polluted days!
Yes, Delhi has one of the worst air quality levels in the world! Children are at the forefront of this problem. According to the WHO, air pollution is one of the major causal factors behind premature deaths worldwide.1 in 8 deaths occur every year due to air pollution alone. Delhi loses 10,000 people annually as a result of breathing TOXIC air!Do we really want our children to live in a capital known for its toxicity?

Satyender Jain, Health Minister of Delhi: issue a health advisory for schools to 
Protect our children on highly polluted days!
Delhi has a new Govt in place now, and it’s a great opportunity for them to act on this serious issue!I am going to become a mother soon and I am concerned about the kind of city my child will be growing up in. You would not want your children to breathe in world’s most toxic air! Would you?

The time is NOW, we cannot afford to wait.

In hope,Ahaana Deol Vohra
A classical dancer, writer and a passionate environmentalist

AAP claims itself to be heralding an era “clean politics”

15 02 2015

By : Aparna Pande….
People thronged the Ramlila Madian , to see a government with a historic verdict being sworn in. The media followed Mr Kejriwal, as he stepped out of his house to start for the Ramlila Maidan. He could be seen getting into his humble car, with his characteristic cough. Every inch the “aam aadmi”, whom the Delhites  voted for. The function started a little late, though perfectly acceptable by Indian Stretchable Time.In the meanwhile , Ramlila Maidan- a place teeming with hope and energy, resembled its Anna Movement avataar. The AAP claims itself to be heralding an era “clean politics”. In their own words they are “against the political establishment.” But somehow today that image was dented when workers of the party bent down to touch Mr Kejriwal’s feet. The funding allegations against the party do not do the the party any good. If it indeed is an alternative, it has to stay away from all the things which it objects to , in other political parties.

After taking the oath, the CM addressed the people assembled in the Maidan. He mentioned the admirable goal of making Delhi totally corruption free and encouraged people to record evidences of corrupt officials using their mobile phones and promised the an anti corruption help line within next three days. But he didn’t mention  cash exchanged to accelerate processes in an over encumbered system or for advancement of personal interests. He  took on tax evasions by traders in Delhi, and promised that they could carry on with their business without harassment, if they paid their taxes on time. He also enumerated the achievements of his 49 day government and said that his experience with governance had showed him that, there was no dearth of money. This being true, would be extremely helpful for him, as he would get means to implement his manifesto.

The Delhi Chief Minister could not resist taking a jibe at the BJP, by stating that the people of Delhi have rejected the party which supports  vandalisation of churches. Barring a few instances, the speech was almost apolitical in nature. A demand for complete statehood for Delhi , and a reminder that the same was a part of the BJP manifesto for many years were also a part of the speech. The Delhi Chief Minister further said that this was a historic opportunity to give Delhi statehood, as the government in the Centre and the Government in the Delhi legislative assembly, were both in majority. Ironically , the VIP culture was also attacked in the tax payer funded , swearing -in extravaganza at the  Ramlila Maidan. The speech ended by the Chief Minister singing a prayer , for harmonious coexistence of people in the society.

The enraptured audience listened carefully to every word. And so they should, after all he is the aam aadmi. AAP should start worrying about the promises the manifesto promises to fulfil. The wifi, the water, the electricity, the schools and colleges, the tax reductions, the hospitals and the CCTVs – people wanted them all. True, the AAP had been given five years to fulfil its promises, but the countdown begins on day one itself.  History wasn’t made, it’s waiting to be made!

 Aparna  Pande:apande94@yahoo.in

A Demo & Lecture by ​PANKAJ RAAG

15 02 2015

National School of Drama

Cordially invites you to
​A Demo & Lecture by​
Film Music
Allied Events of 17th Bharat Rang Mahotsav-

February 1

, 2015 




0 pm


National School of Drama

Heena Sidhu Confirms Return to Form with a Golden Double at the XV

15 02 2015

Heena Sidhu Confirms Return to Form with a Golden Double at the XV Kumar Surendra Singh Memorial Shooting Championships
New Delhi, 14 Feb 2015: Former world number one Heena Sidhu representing the Oil and Natural Gas Corporation (ONGC), confirmed a welcome return to form in the pre-Olympic year, when she bagged top honours in both the Women’s 10M Air Pistol individual and team events with high quality performances, at the XV Kumar Surendra Singh Memorial Shooting Championships, being held at the newly built Central Polytechnic Campus Shooting Range in Trivandrum, Kerala. Heena, a Commonwealth Games Gold medalist, had been suffering some indifferent form since being anointed world number one in the 10M Air Pistol discipline in April last year, before shooting Gold at the recently concluded National Games with a high quality 200.8 score in the finals. She did an encore in the individual event today to signal that the National Games performance was not a one-off, before teaming up with Shweta Singh and Shilpi Bisht to win the Team event as well.
In other notable results of the day, Harpreet Singh of Haryana also continued his golden run from the National Games and won the Gold in the Men’s 25M Standard Pistol event with a score of 565 in the finals. He beat Rajesh Kumar of the Army in a shoot-off, while London 2012 Silver medalist Vijay Kumar bagged the bronze with a score of 564. This was Harpreet’s second Gold in two days of competition after having won the Rapid Fire Pistol event yesterday. Vijay and his teammates Gurpreet Singh and Vijesh Kumar from the Army Marksmanship Unit however won the Gold in the 25M Standard Pistol Men’s Team event. They shot a total of 1675 in the finals, where the team from the Navy came second with a score of 1674 and Border Security Force (BSF) came third with a score of 1673.
In the Women’s 50M Rifle 3 Positions event, local girl Elizabeth Susan Koshy won the Gold with a final round score of 449 beating Anjum Moudgil of Haryana who won the Silver Medal shooting 447.1 and Lajja Gauswami of Gujarat, who came third finishing with a score of 435.8

Ram Vilas Paswan reviews Implementation of Food Security Act in N E

15 02 2015

Ram Vilas Paswan reviews Implementation of Food Security Act’s implementation in North East
Union Minister of Consumer Affairs, Food and Public Distribution today reviewed Targeted Public Distribution System in the Mega-Block affected states of Assam, Manipur, Mizoram and Tripura with the senior officers of the concerned State Govts, Railways and Food Corporation of India in Imphal.

The Minister directed the officials that all efforts should be taken to ensure adequate supply of foodgrains in the region. The state representatives informed that there is sufficient stocks for TPDS beneficiaries for about 70-90 days . The monthly requirement of these states is 82744 MT for which storage capacity of 126443 MTs is available with FCI against which FCI is having stock of 1,19,000 MTs food grains in various godowns.

The Minister assured that the supply of the food grains will not allowed to be affected because of Lumding –Sichar Broad-guage conversion. FCI is transporting about 85000 MTs per month to these four states by road from various BG terminals in and around Guwahati.

Railway officers during the meeting assured the Minister that the Broad-guage conversion on Lumding –Silchar section will be completed by March,2015.

The Minister also reviewed the preparatory work for the implementation of National Food Security Act in the states of Assam, Manipur, Tripura and Mizoram during the meeting.

Computerisation of data has been completed 90 % in Mizoram and Tripura while Manipur has done 77% and Assam 62%. Assam and Tripura informed that they will be ready to roll out the Act in June,2015 while Manipur informed they will implement the Act by July 2015.

The Minister directed FCI officials to look into the grievances of Manipur truck drivers regarding transportation from Jiribam to Imphal .

Implementation of Amended Apprentices Act– Seeks Suggestions from Public.

Ministry of Labour and Employment Moves Forward for Implementation of Amended Apprentices Act– Seeks Suggestions from Public.Ministry of Labour and Employment has placed the Draft recommendations for the rules under amended Apprentices Act on its official website and has sought suggestions on the same.

The Expansion of apprenticeship opportunities for youth has been the objective of the amendment. A Working Group is constituted by Ministry of Labour and Employment for framing draft apprenticeship rules.  The comments and suggestions would be considered by the Working Group before finalizing its recommendations and new rules would be framed in consultation with Central Apprenticeship Council thereafter.

Further details can be accessed at the following link – http://www.dget.gov.in/content, http://www.labour.gov.in/content

Against this backdrop, we request you to kindly send your suggestions by 20th February 2015 to megha@phdcci.in  for making an effective representation to the Ministry of Labour and Employment. The Draft recommendations for the rules under amended Apprentices Act is attached herewith for your kind perusal.